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Specialty acoustic ceilings for every interior

The ABCs of Autem®

Autem® Air | Baffles | Clouds are stand-alone acoustic ceiling products that work to create healthy sound interiors by reducing background noise due to vibrations and echoes.

Each Autem® product ensures sound quality remains crisp, clear and assures a safe hearing environment.

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A sound environment both indoors and outdoors

Autem® Air

Autem® Air is engineered to manage sound in interior spaces. Autem® Air is 100% recyclable and is made up of at least 80% post consumer recycled materials. Autem® Air is manufactured without the use of water, and is a non-irritant, non-allergenic product, making installation easy and safe.

Autem® Air is DECLARE certified and meets LEED v4 requirements. Autem® Air delivers on sound performance today, and for the future.


Engineered to Perform

Autem® Baffles | Clouds

Autem® Baffles and Clouds promote clear sound interiors by eliminating noise reverberation due to common machinery such as computers, lighting, HVAC and AC units, and even exterior noise such as traffic and construction.

Autem® Baffles and Clouds are covered in FabriFELT™ - 100% natural wool felt. Designers can choose from 23 standard heathered and solid colors.

Autem® Baffles and Clouds are ideal for both new construction and retrofits. Each Autem® Baffle and Cloud is proudly assembled in the USA and customizable in shape and size.

Autem® Baffles and Clouds are DECLARE certified and meet LEED v4 requirements.

Designers Suggest

Autem® can transform or blend in to any kind of space or project — our designers suggest Autem® for: Educational facilities, sports venues, industrial and warehouse spaces, commercial and corporate offices, restaurants and bars, to name a few.

Technical Information

Autem® Technical Data

Autem® is designed for superior sound absorption and is lightweight, easy to install and is budget-friendly. All Autem® products are customizable in shape and size, as well as thickness.

For acoustical ratings, standard sizes and thicknesses and colors available, view the Autem® Air | Baffles | Clouds brochure.



Autem® is environmentally friendly

Autem® Air is certified for:

  • Declare
  • Living Building Challenge
  • LEED v4
  • Health Product Declaration® (HPDC)

Autem® Baffles and Clouds, covered in FabriFELT™, are certified for:

  • Declare
  • Living Building Challenge
  • LEED v4


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