Team Joe Remshard

Joe Remshard

After joining the FTS team as a design intern nearly 10 years ago. Joseph (often referred to as Joey around the office) quickly developed a love for FabriTRAK.

Currently, Joseph is the National Sales Manager at FabriTRAK and has an intricate role in maintaining relationships with current distributors and also seeking new business opportunities. If you have a question about practically anything FabriTRAK, from design to technical information, he’s your guy. Reach out to Joey via email or phone and expect a timely, detailed answer.

If you are ever in the Philly area and enjoy the local restaurant scene & craft cocktails, your are bound to bump elbows with Joey. If so, be sure to clear the next hour as he will encourage you to pull up a stool to chat about anything from business to basketball. (He’s a die-hard 76ers fan!)

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