FabriTRAK® Upholstered Wall System

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  • Furnish and install FabriTRAK® Wall System as manufactured by FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. and as required by the Contract Documents.
  • Related Work Elsewhere
  • Preparation of smooth, flat and plumb substrate.
  • Architectural Woodwork, Masonry, Doors and Frames, Hardware, Gypsum Drywall, Plastering, Ceilings, Wall Covering Painting and Electrical Work.


  • The system shall consist of site installed and fabricated, concealed FabriTRAK® System as manufactured by FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. 877-322-7487 (USA only), +1- 609-409-6700 (USA & International) The acoustical or tack-able wall treatment system shall have a Fire Hazard Classification of Class 1 or A when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 or UL 723.


  • The installation work of this Section shall be performed by an authorized dealer, licensed by the manufacturer, and shall be a member of the Wall Upholstery Guild of America (WUGA) and shall be certified as such.


  • Submit manufacturer's product specifications and such other data as may be required to show compliance with the Contract Documents. Submit in writing to the Owner, through the Architect, the manufacturer's dealer certification. Submit installation Dealer's five-year Limited Warranty against defects in the FabriTRAK® materials and workmanship. Submit sample of fabric (at least 12" x 12"). Submit samples of the stretching system. Submit core samples.

Product Handling

  • Store all materials off the ground and protected from dirt and dust of construction operations. Handle materials in a manner that will protect them from damage and soiling.


System Components

  • FabriTRAK® rigid vinyl framework with clamping jaws, one-piece section
  • Edge profile, as selected by architect
  • Core, as selected by architect
  • Standard panel fabric, as selected by architect

Existing Conditions

  • Examine the condition of the substrate and the conditions under which the work of the Section is to be performed. Notify the Contractor in writing or any unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected in a manner satisfactory to the installer. Do not install acoustical wall panel fabric in any space until installation


  • Apply the FabriTRAK® framework in the areas to receive the acoustical wall treatment as shown on the drawings. Secure the framework with suitable fastening devices.
  • Install the framework plumb and straight, flush in proper alignment.
  • Install the core, continuous and flush, to the shoulder of the track.
  • Cut the fabric from each roll marking and maintaining sequence drops and matching direction weave.
  • The fabric shall be stretched tautly, evenly and smoothly and be free of defects and flaws.
  • No stapling or gluing of fabric to cores or channels will be permitted.